The 6 Famous People Who Died in Unfortunate Plane Crash

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(Last Updated On: September 21, 2018)
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Plane crashes have claimed the lives of many celebrities over  the years, due to engine failure, plane malfunctions or pilot  error. A lot of innocent lives have been lost due to these  tragedies. Here are some of the world’s most powerful people  who have died in plane crashes over the years.

1. Dr. Richard Rockefeller

Richard Rockefeller was a family physician who lived in  Portland, Maine. He was the chairman of the United States  Advisory Board of Doctors Without Borders and served on the  board of Rockefeller University in NYC for a number of years. He did a great amount of work to help individuals suffering  from PTSD. He was an experienced pilot but, on a trip home from  visiting his father at the Rockefeller estate, he flew into  dense fog and rain and the plane reportedly crashed within a  few minutes of takeoff.

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